September 7, 2010

A real doll


I know a lot of folks feel strongly about this lady (either they love her…as I do! or they don’t), but I had to share a little homage to Miss Dolly that I spotted while in New York over the weekend. We popped into a lively eatery for dessert and the restaurant bathrooms were all decked out in themes paying tribute to different stars! I, of course, chose the Dolly one.


Each door had a star bearing the name of the featured personality. Once inside, the only music you could hear was Dolly…quite impressive considering that the music playing in the main part of the restaurant was really loud. I took care of business while humming along to “Coat of Many Colors.” (forgive the full disclosure!).

{A shadowbox in the wall held a Dolly doll in her festive Opry costume}


{the opposite wall was covered in a mosaic depiction of Ms. Parton in all of her physical…ahem…glory}

Dolly is known for her music and her theme park, but she also does many wonderful things for the residents of her birthplace in East Tennessee (my stomping ground). Her Imagination Library puts books into the hands of children who wouldn’t otherwise have them and her tourist attractions stimulate our local economies as well as provide jobs. I think she’s great. I wonder if she knows about this bathroom that is in her honor? How do y'all feel about themed rooms? I think themes can be oh so fun in small doses!

**I don’t want to blow up this blog with stories and pics from my NYC trip, so I’ll be doing some strictly New York posts on Saturdays for the next few weeks…if you’re interested! xoxo