September 24, 2010

A Random Roundup…16 Sweet Questions

I’m playing catch up a little bit with today’s post. I really love being tagged by other bloggers to answer questions and things, but because I plan my posts by the week, I don’t always get a chance to respond as quickly as blog etiquette would require. Two fantastic ladies have pegged me to answer 8 questions of their choosing!

First, the fun and feisty Candace at Mi Chiamo

1_UW__ballerina_15700r 1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up and are you living that dream? an artist or ballerina…neither of which is on my yearly w-2!

2. Do you have a Bucket List?  If so, what is the one thing on that list left to fulfill that means the most to you? do a cartwheel…seriously, I’ve never done one

paris from pompidou 2 3. What is the best thing you ever ate? a cheese omelet on the roof of the Pompidou museum, overlooking Paris

b-day cupcakes from rach 4. What is your most memorable birthday? the most recent one…my friend Rachel had cupcakes delivered to my work! xoxo

5. Who was your best friend when you were a child and are you still friends? I always had a different bestie, but I hold all the friends I’ve made thru the years close to my heart, even if we aren’t in touch

6. What was the best piece of advice your Mother ever gave you? keep yourself open to any opportunity that comes along

7. If you had a child today, what would you name him/her? something good and southern…just found an ancestor of mine named Izadora, what do you think?


{my sweet great-grandpa and moi}

8. Tell me about one of your favorite family holiday traditions - any holiday you choose. Having a huge Christmas breakfast at my great-grandparents’ house at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning. While I was growing up, I didn’t always love waking up that early and having to leave all my toys, but what I wouldn’t give now to experience it again.

Now, 8 more questions from my new friend, the sweet and sassy Carol –The Gardener

1. Is there any one thing in life you still long to do? make a career out of blogging/writing, spend a month traveling

2. What makes you sad? missing people I love

3.  When you think back over your life so far...what is the one perfect day that stands out in your mind? just any random day spent going to yard sales, spending time with bffs, great food and conversation

4. Who is your favorite person to be with? I have so many favorites, I could never choose just one!

5. Do you keep or tell secrets? I’ve kept a few crucial ones over the years

Lullalby-of-BroadwayAd 6. What kind of music do you listen to the most? contemporary Christian, Broadway showtunes

7. Eggs and bacon or French toast and waffles? yes please!

8. If you had one idea to share with the world what would it be? Oh I have so many ideas…sometimes I worry this little blog will explode!

I’m not going to tag anyone individually for these questions! If you’d like to share your answers to any of them with us, feel free to do so in a comment!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Thanks for playing along. I don't think I've been called sweet or sassy in a long time, certainly not sassy! Thank you.

    Have a great weekend friend.

    carol-the gardener

  2. I enjoyed your answers. And, I especially like the pic of you and your great-grandpa. I have to say I am an eggs and bacon (extra bacon) kind of person.

  3. Great answers! I just got out of the combine and had to pickup the girls at hubby's mom's, but first I had to stop and get bacon for our youngest. Saturday is ALWAYS "Bacon Day!" and I didn't want to disappoint her. Had to pick up little donuts for the oldest. Have no fear, My girls are not falling into the obese category, although I am sure everyone's cholesterol takes a hit on the weekends!

    Speaking of, have a great one!

  4. I am checking one more thing off of my bucket list. I am now fun and feisty! I've always wanted to be both of those things. yay me! :0)

    Thanks so much for playing along with me! I absolutely loved reading your answers. You have lived a very interesting life. A Cheese Omelet overlooking Paris? Sweet! I have seriously never done a cartwheel either...and it's not looking so good at this point for me. Best wishes on that one!

    That is such a precious picture of you and your great-grandpa! I never got to know either of my great-grandfathers.

    Have a great weekend and thanks again, so much, for playing along! *hugs* Candace

  5. I love your answer to number 7(b)! Me too, such a breakfast person!

    I hope you're having a FANTASTIC weekend!

  6. such fun answers. those cupcakes look TDF!! i know you're playing catch up... but i've tagged you, too!

  7. i think you might have left someone out of some of those question. What do you think? bill keck

  8. How fun. I love question posts! :)

    Your weekend sounded like a lot of fun, I love your blog as well!!

    Happy Monday.

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