September 18, 2010

Lunch for a Princess


While visiting New York recently, I wanted to surprise my mom with a special lunch at a very historic location. Thankfully, NY Restaurant week was still in full swing and we were able to dine for a reduced price. It was everything we hoped it would be and then some. She was completely surprised and I know we will cherish this memory for a long time.

DSC01324{the logo emblazoned on the ground outside}

DSC01291{the dining room complete with museum-worthy Russian artwork}


DSC01297  {our menu}



After we oohed and aaahed our way through the meal, we visited the ladies room. Riding the elevator back to the main floor, we accidentally ended up in one of the banquet rooms. We took this opportunity to investigate some more, and thank goodness we did. This was the highlight of the adventure!

  DSC01301 {chandelier}



DSC01309{this gorgeous tree is probably 20 feet tall, maybe more}


DSC01311{the eggs on the tree were all different designs and colors…stunning}

DSC01315  DSC01317{this bear is probably 12 feet tall at least}

DSC01318{yes those are goldfish swimming inside that giant bear}


Can you imagine having your wedding reception at a place like this? I was definitely eyeing the silver with the lovely monogram…No, I didn’t put a fork in my purse! I promise. However, I do regret not buying an apron with the initials RTR stitched on it. I can just see myself whipping up a batch of borscht! Well now we have a good reason to return!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. Wow! Love the fish in the bear and the gold tree with eggs. I have been to NYC and have not made it to the Russian Tea is now on my bucket list!

  2. Thanks for following my blog, I am following yours too! Your blog is really awesome, I love it!

  3. Just found your blog and am now following. The Russian Tea Room looks fantastic and wow, what photos of beauty! Great blog. I'm a fellow Southerner and hope you stop by and visit my blog someday too.

  4. This looks like such a fantastic experience. WOW!

  5. when we stepped off that elevator onto the floor with the huge tree, i was speechless. thanks to a sweet employee who turned on the lights for us, we got to see it in all its glory! even if you don't have a chance to eat there, it's worth a visit for the eye candy!

  6. I've just got to go to NYC someday. I'm so happy you had great trip! That tree is amazing but I think the bear is my favorite. Thank you for sharing! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend! Candace

  7. Jealousy overwhelms me. I want to go to NY!

  8. What a visual feast! And the actual food doesn't look too bad either ;) I bet your mom was so surprised!

    I didn't realize the the Tea Room had reopened after it's closing in 2002. I can't believe I missed that during my stint in NYC!

  9. Wow! Great pictures! What was the menu like?

  10. Absolutely beautiful. Maybe I will be able to make stop here next time I am in NYC. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I am glad you and your mom got to share this special treat.

    Btw, we are having a our first giveaway over on our blog. I hope you come over to check it out.


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