September 9, 2010

Pink & Green NYC!


While I was in New York last week, I kept seeing all these gorgeous things to photograph…so what better way to showcase some of them than with a Pink & Green Thursday post (linked up with the fabulous Miss Trish…what can I say, we’re pretty fond of each other).

pink dresses{frou frou dresses in a shop window in the garment district}

bpgrill {bryant park grill where we lunched with the city’s elite}

p&g paper flowr {pink paper flower at lee’s art supply store}

john derian chairs outside{chairs outside john derian’s fabulous shop on bond street}

 p&g flowers   {daisies, and roses and cockscomb, oh my!}

p&g pretty ballerinas{shop window on the upper east side}

 p&g street flowers  {flowers for sale a’ la street vendor}

plaza ceiling light{ceiling sconce at the plaza hotel}

plaza lobby{foyer of the plaza}

statue of lib{a famous lady} 

Hope everyone’s Thursday is wonderful!