September 28, 2010

Homestyle: What’s Yours?

{not my home}
One subject that is constantly in the back of my mind is the decor style of my home. I’m drawn to design magazines like flies to sugar…I pour over them, tearing out sheets and images for inspiration. I have a reasonably good eye as far as choosing things that are interesting and relatively tasteful. But I have the hardest time putting it all together. I want to have a style. I want someone to be able to walk into my house and feel that there is a rhyme and reason to it. Not just that I collected a bunk of odd stuff and displayed it…
cracker barrel {…like this}
There was a running joke while I was growing up that my mom decorated her house like Cracker Barrel. It wasn’t her fault. She has great style and a very good eye for putting things together, but de-cluttering is not our family strong suit…although we both agree that we’ve come a LONG way!
When it comes to home decor, bringing it all together is where I tend to struggle. Finding the exact right furniture, perfect window treatments and decorative knick knacks can be challenging. Below is a really good example of the kind of room I would love! Sure, there’s a lot going on here (how do they ever keep it dust-free?), but I like all the odds and ends. The problem is that even though it gives off an air of random placement, I feel like every item was probably carefully arranged. I have trouble with this careful placement.

I’m going to try and come up with a description of my style…maybe this will help me move forward with a bit more focus. Something like “Curated Cottage” or “Thrifty Elegance” …Do you have a better handle on your home’s decor style? I’d love to hear all about it!


  1. Holy Moley! That room would make me go insane, but I def can appreciate your idea of purposeful randomness. I too have wondered what my "style" is! I wish I knew!!

    Telia, NewyWedWifeLife

  2. I'm kinda like you I would love to be able to label my style. but you know what...I have just settled that my home and decor reflect me, who I am. I like antiques, I love crystal..but at the same time I love pottery. I love looking at magazines but realize they are done by designers who design. I am (one day) going to have a white bedroom just because I love the absence of color. We stayed in a B&B once and I love the room. It was so restful. So I guess my design style is ...I am what I am.

    Carol-the gardener

  3. Oh my! I don't think there is a word for my style right now, except maybe early American chaos! I wish I could be brave like one of my bloggy friends and post a picture of one room as a "before" and "after" shot. I'm just afraid right now I would never get to the after! A couple more weeks, and maybe, just maybe I will have no more harvest to deal with. Right now I am like a doctor on call. I never know what I will have to go do until I get the call, so I try to keep all my projects little.

    Stay tuned and cross your fingers for me!

  4. I have some very traditional pieces but over all I think it's more french country. Can you have a traditional french country home? My goal is to have a welcoming and comfortable home for family and friends.


  5. That last room is a bit nuts. Some interesting things, but too much of everything. I usually just buy what I love and put into my house. Namely antiques, signs, and architectural salvage. Not really a style, but I love everything I see.

  6. I love it, too. So quaint. Except... is that Caesar in the fireplace?

  7. Eclectic .... free spirit. Or check out a book that was published a number of years ago ... "Interior Alchemy". It reminds me of your style.

  8. Oooo cool!

    I don't know if my home has a look. I'm a minimalist who likes funky vintage industrial pieces and classy nautical stuff.

    I feel ya on the CB thing :)

  9. i think early american chaos is a good one! also, traditional french country. y'all have a much better sense of direction when it comes to your style than i do! maybe i'll be brave one of these days and take some pics of my place for you to judge, er i mean look at! ;)

  10. We're on the same wave length! I was going to blog about a "show us your life" type of thing on Sharpmoms or our family blog! hehe Good stuff

  11. I love the style your sampling but if I tried it I'd end up on hoarders...I just don't the knack!

    I'd say my style is collegiate comfortable meaning everything from my dorm room is still in my apartment because I haven't yet decided to get serious about my life.

  12. Kate!! You're amazing! Thanks for popping over to my place today and for leaving such a kind and thoughtful comment.

    Personally, I'd go crazy with all that clutter, so count me out. Simplicity is my style.

    Can't wait to meet you at Blissdom!

  13. When I was younger and exploring style I found Victoria magazine and learned and became fascinated by Victorian Romantic cluttering. I find the last picture you posted in the "romantic" category. Here are a couple magazines you may like.

  14. I know you just mentioned you loved the interiors in the last pic, but pinecones AND a bust stuffed inside the fireplace.. really? hahaha!!

    I do agree, I'm thinking dusting would be an issue in that hoe ;)

    As for my own style, I'd say it's (currently) natural chic.. if that makes sense. My entire apartment is covered in wood, so I figured natural would be the only way to go haha!

  15. i think my home decor would best be described as YUK! love, philly

  16. I think that design styles originated when design consultants needed to have a way to talk with clients, vendors and other designers. As for everyone else, I agree with the advise in previous posts that, I am what I am. I think your style reflects something like Heirloom Cottage or Eclectic Cottage.

    My heart wants the Hollywood Regency style like the 1920's. But my wallet dictates reality, hence shopping at second hand stores as much as possible and Target(tar-jey) for new linens. However, I'm investing in a few professional design grade furniture items including a new bed and very thick latex core mattress. I have to save up for a sofa, but I may tire of it before it wears out.


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