September 20, 2010

Old South New Fashion

gwtw white dress

During New York Fashion week, I’m usually glued to my computer, obsessively viewing all the newest images from the shows, but with all the other things going lately, I sort of missed that boat. Oh well, I’ll have until Spring to catch up on the latest trends and styles. In perusing briefly, I did manage to see one Mr. Oscar de la Renta’s Spring Ready to Wear collection and I couldn’t help but think that he’s been watching my favorite film for inspiration.

gwtw black dress

Maybe it is because all things GWTW are so engrained in my subconscious that I see it everywhere I go. But surely y’all see some similarities here, right? 

gwtw green dress

{Scarlett’s green dress…updated for a garden party or gala}

gwtw ladies

{taffeta galore…can’t you just hear it rustling?}

gwtw red dress

{netting, and tulle, and beading, oh my!}

gwtw wedding dress

{appliqué, flower motifs, poufy sleeves}

Is this too much of a stretch or do you see it too? What other movie fashions do you dream of adding to your closet?

Also, I wanted to wish my sweet Me-me (a southern grandma) a very happy Birthday today!

meme birthday old scan

{me at 6 months…her cakes says “29 again”}


{a couple years ago on a fun beach trip}