September 22, 2010

Simply a Southern Belle: Grandmother Putman


I got the sweetest email the other day and wanted to share it with you. My great-aunt recently visited this blog for the first time and shared with me some stories about my dad's grandmother who I never got a chance to meet. Southern to the very core, Belle was her middle name! Apparently Ms. Martha Belle (Jameson) Putman was quite a lady. I have always heard infamous stories about her formal dinners…tables set with exquisite china and silver, a mandatory water glass for each person, relish trays, etc. Oh how I wish I could have been present at one of those!

My aunt describes her this way:

"She did not aspire to be rich and famous, but she did desire to live in a genteel manner, a gracious manner, a southern manner...She loved hats, was never without her gloves and always had a handkerchief in her purse...she loved having a beautiful table, good food and was a very gracious woman...perfectly coiffed and dressed."

I wish I could have known her. I'm sure we would have had much to discuss!

Is there anyone in your family that you never got a chance to meet, but wish you had?


  1. Totally. My daddy's daddy.

    Thanks for sharing. She sounds like she was quite the lady. I love the word coiffed.

  2. I love this story, Kate! Thank you for sharing it. What a treasure!

    I would have loved to have met my Granny's grandmother, Shanny.

    Hope you have had a wonderful Wednesday, Candace

  3. My great grandmother! Her name was Lillie Ann Hodge. She was married at 13 and had 16 children... my grandma was #15. Her first three were little boys, all still born. I put flowers on their little graves every year, along with hers. She was as strong as they come. I would love to have known her.

  4. Oh yes, my grandmother Sparks. Her name was Hester but she died when my Dad was only 9 months old. I only have one picture of her but she was in a silk taffeta gown with a hat with a feather. I think she would be interesting just from that picture.

    I loved your story. It seems like those times are over doesn't it?

    Carol-the gardener

  5. That's really nice. She sounded like a true lady.

    I wish I could have met my mom's mom and aunt. I'm going to NYC in December and finally going to Ellis Island to see records!

  6. I wish I had met my father's mother. She died before I was born and I go by her name.

  7. I would have loved to have met my great-grandmother, Anna Lee. I have a picture of her in a silk dress with a bustle. Such a lovely picture and I have heard she was a fiesty woman.

  8. I was fortunate enough to meet both of my grandmothers and a great mother but I'd love to have known my paternal grandmother better...she had a very difficult life but navigated it all with incredible poise.

    Such fun that you got to get some familial history because of your blog, Grandmother Putman seems like she was one interesting lady!

  9. Hmmmm..... good question. I think I know everyone fairly well, but I have heard stories about my great grandfather on my dad's side helping the Indians. I think I would like to chat with him to know how that all went down.

    Funny, but my blog today talks about family members from the past. Our great minds are syncing up again! ;-)

    Have a great day!

  10. Such a sweet story! I love the name Belle, I've never met anyone with that name!

    My grandmother's parents were very wealthy, and I think it would have been interesting to see how they lived day-to-day!

  11. Thanks for your sweet comment! I love this story, she sounds like such an amazing woman! The picture is lovely too.

  12. I wish I would've been able to spend time with my grandaddy's family who were from Kentucky, and my grandmother's family in Colorado. My grandparents grew up so different than they raised my mom and aunts. There's a part of me that really wants to understand where they come from and how they lived. I guess this means I need to take a trip to those places soon.

  13. My grandmother...beautiful post. Thanks for share!

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