June 8, 2010

Summer’s gonna sizzle!

scenic south -- girl by lighthouse with summer fun {image from Scenic South c. 1952}

While the temperature speaks otherwise (it is hot, Hot, HOT where I live!), summer is not quite upon us, but since it will most assuredly come in like a lion, I advise prepping in advance. Here is a round up of tips guaranteed to make your summer sizzle or maybe I should say to keep you cool while summer sizzles around you!


After keeping our skin mostly covered during the cooler months, it’s time to bring out our largest organ and put it on display…with proper sun protection of course.

1. Lemons are a great tool for softening rough skin, especially elbows and knees. I always cut a lemon or two in half and rub it liberally on any rough patches.  

2. Keep legs soft and smooth by shaving with hair conditioner. It softens the hair and makes it easier to get a close shave. Some beauty magazines suggest using baby oil, but this always makes my shower too slippery as I’m fairly accident prone already.

3. Slather your feet with Vaseline, shea or cocoa butter before bed and sleep in a pair of thick socks. No pedicure has ever gotten my feet softer than this method and if one night isn’t enough to do the trick, repeat as often as necessary. My tootsies are sandal ready for sure!


4. Make your own summer body scrub by mixing 1/2 cup olive oil, 5 T jojoba oil, a drop or 2 of a scented oil (if you wish) and 4 T salt in a repurposed glass jar. The salt will sink to the bottom so dispense the mixture with a small spoon or popsicle stick. Rub vigorously onto your skin and rinse for a long-lasting softness on the cheap!

I will now take this opportunity to stand on my tiny soapbox and encourage all you lovelies to please wear lots of sunscreen this summer! I wasn’t kidding about our skin being our largest organ and it is oh so important to take good care of it. If I could erase years of sunburns and the subsequent damage from them, I would in a heartbeat! After spending my early 20s baking in the sun, I now spend most of my sun time in the shade (much to the amusement of some members of my family). My legs are a tawny golden brown a’ la Jergens daily self-tanning lotion and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But no judgment here! Just love and concern!

Feel free to add you best summer tips as comments! I love Love LOVE hearing from you!

*Note: I bought a small bottle of jojoba oil awhile back and it has served so many purposes. I use it as moisturizer for face & body and it has many other properties. According to wikipedia it is a fungicide and can also be used for controlling mildew. Who knew!?!?