June 25, 2010

A fabric of a different color

fabric word art 

Of all the types of fabric in the world, I think linen is probably right up there at the top of my list of favorites. When warmer weather rolls around, I wish I could live in it. There’s something about how linen breathes and keeps you cool even when it’s hot Hot HOT. It’s wonderfully southern and looks fantastic even when it is kind of rumpled (because who are we kidding? even if you starch linen within an inch of it’s life…it’s going to wrinkle anyway!).

flax plant

Made from the fibers of the flax plant, almost any type of garment can be found in linen form. If you haven’t incorporated it into your summer wardrobe, I suggest you try it. Don’t feel like making a fashion commitment right now? What about dabbing your brow or décolleté with an antique linen hanky just to make yourself feel really southern. I have a couple of linen scarves that I wear through the summer and also sometimes use as table cloths.

How are you keeping cool in the mind-numbing heat of summer? Pray tell there is a cool glass of lemonade in your future! Happy Friday!