June 28, 2010

Bag or bargain?

Coach  Handbags - Windows Internet Explorer 6282010 40121 PM.bmp{a loverly bag I might scrimp and save for}
This past Saturday was a great day for junkin' in my small southern city. My faithful yard sale buddy and I turned up lots of treasures in just a few short (HOT!) hours. At one particular sale, the guy in charge of the goods tried to convince me to buy a "real" Coach purse for the low, low price of $30. I knew from a quick glance that it was, in fact, a fake Coach and a poor fake at that. But this got me to thinking about the idea of real vs. fake.
coach coral handbag.bmp
I would rather buy a cute purse that doesn't break the bank even if it's not a well-known brand. I have a couple of faux designer bags (bought out of cardboard boxes on Canal St. while I was in my early 20s...when that sort of thing seemed to matter a lot  more). At this stage in the game, I just don't care as much to have the status bag. Maybe I'm just fooling myself because the truth is I can't really afford to drop a few hundred or even a thousand bucks on a purse. But even if I could, I'm not sure that I would.

I love luxurious beautiful things and I certainly don't begrudge anybody who has them. I'm just curious about what y'all think on the matter.