June 1, 2010

A Great Debate…

kennedy_nixon_debate From the beginning of time, people have assessed their own qualities and those of others around them to determine whether they are alike or different. We've all heard the sayings (or seen them on bumper stickers) "united we stand, divided we fall" or "it is our differences that unite us." Don't worry if you are thinking this post has a political tone because it doesn't. Though there may be a multitude of things that separate us or draw us together, I believe that we can simplify all of our differences down to one basic issue. Coleslaw: mayonnaise or vinegar?
cole slaw pic 1966 This is a very serious subject. I have known of a great number of conflicts which arose from arguments concerning coleslaw. Families have been torn apart! (only kidding...well I hope at least). But here in the sweet south, we do take our coleslaw very seriously. In my world, there is only one true coleslaw and it is made with vinegar. I will eat other dishes consisting of cabbage and mayonnaise, but my loyalty lies with the tangy perfection that is my Me-me's coleslaw.
Her recipe:
Boil 1 cup sugar in 1 cup of vinegar and then when the sugar is dissolved, add 2/3 cup of canola oil and a tiny bit of salt. Pour this over 1 head of cabbage, finely chopped (and carrots if you like). Oh I'm wishing I had some just typing this. cole-slaw_s600x600

A great local barbeque joint serves something called "red, white & bleu" slaw and it's pretty tasty (albeit a mayonnaise based recipe). I replicated it myself and you can too. (Sorry I don't have actual measurements).

Red, White & Bleu Slaw: 
chopped cabbage
cherry tomatoes, halved
bacon crumbles
bleu cheese salad dressing
Mix all ingredients together

This last recipe comes from a 1966 issue of Southern Living magazine. I haven’t made it, but it has cukes, vinegar and mayo so maybe it is the best of all worlds!

Cucumber Coleslaw:
4 cups shredded cabbage
2 cups peeled diced cucumbers
1 medium onion, sliced thin and soaked in vinegar1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt1 tsp celery seed
1 T tarragon vinegar1 cup mayonnaise
Combine cabbage, cucumbers, and onion. Sprinkle sugar and salt over mixture. Add celery seed and tarragon vinegar and mix well. Add mayo and mix well.

Alright....now I'm dying to know. What is your coleslaw of choice? Do you have a killer recipe you'd love to share with us? Please comment and answer the poll! I can't wait to see what you lovelies pick!