June 9, 2010

Greening things up!



When attempting to eat healthier, I pretty much always try to stick with salad, but this can get kind of boring quick, fast, in a hurry if you don’t keep things interesting…I mean how much iceberg lettuce can one person eat?  I think of myself as brave as far as adding different ingredients to my salads, especially colorful ones that are flavorful and contain all that other good healthy stuff.

Here are some of my favorite salad add-in combos:

pistachios + sunflower seeds + dried cherries + unsweetened toasted coconut 

almonds + dried cranberries + macadamia nuts + dried pineapple

black olives + garbanzo beans + roasted red peppers + feta cheese + red onions

raw green beans + radishes + fennel + blackberries

strawberries + pecans + dried cranberries + poppyseeds

These are just a few, but I could probably go on and on. All you really need is a green base (Bibb lettuce, mesclun greens, spinach, romaine, watercress, arugula, etc.) and your options are limitless. As for dressing, I pretty much always stick with a balsamic vinaigrette or something similar. But just play with it and see what strikes your fancy. You’ll never look at a salad bar the same way again. I promise!

Now, tell me what are your favorite salad toppers?