June 24, 2010

Brace yourself….for some organization!


I bought this little black candelabra at a friend’s yard sale years ago and have been holding onto it for some reason. The other night I decided to organize my collection of bracelets which had previously been strewn across the top of my bookshelf on a silver tray. The tray contained them alright, but it always looked pretty cluttered. For some reason this candle thing seemed like a good way to display them. What do y’all think? Weird or good?


This cash register was one of my most beloved childhood toys…providing me with hours of fun in my make-believe store. Of course I had fabulous grandparents who never tired of “shopping” and letting me ring up their purchases. The dishwasher was my display case and I set up shop at the kitchen table. Now my little toy serves as a nifty spot for my necklace.


I kind of like being able to see all my baubles at once. I even hung some earrings on too. I still have my little frame earring thingy, but the bracelets were getting out of control. Do you have anything that you have re-purposed to help you achieve better order and organization at your place?

{like my burlap curtains? I made ‘em myself!}