June 15, 2010

Making a Sweet Difference



While on my fun trip to Nashvegas this past weekend, I visited the quaint city of Franklin where I was blown away by all the cute shops and eateries in the little downtown area. I definitely recommend this as a must-see if you happen to find yourself in middle Tennessee. We parked on one end of the long street with plans to meander all the way down and make our way back up the other side.


Our first stop? Naticakes....a cupcake shop! It drew me in from first glance with the glittery silver star on the door and pink and white interior. This is what a cupcake shop should feel like. It was a hard decision, but I finally chose a Pink lemonade cupcake...so delicious. The icing must have been whipped or something, because it was the lightest, fluffiest I've ever had.


After finishing our treats, I met the owner of Naticakes who told me the story of how the shop came to be. Her 2 year old niece, Natalie (nicknamed Nati) passed away unexpectedly in 2007 and Naticakes is a loving aunt's way of helping to make a difference by donating proceeds to Nati's foundation. Nati's parents started the foundation in her honor to improve the lives of kids all over the world. Knowing the story behind the shop really made the cupcakes taste that much sweeter. It goes to show that anybody can pitch in and make a contribution based on what his or her talents and gifts are. I knew cupcakes were magical and this is just one example of the differences they can make! If you are interested in making a contribution to Nati's foundation, visit the website here.

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