January 4, 2011

SBS Bookshelf: Cooking in the South


I was thrilled to receive this book as a Christmas present from my brother and I’ve been reading and re-reading it ever since. The author, Johnnie Gabriel, happens to be Ms. Paula Deen’s cousin, but don’t think for one moment she is riding on the coattails of her famous kin. Johnnie has firmly established herself as a talented chef and baker. She operates Gabriel’s in Marietta, Georgia, a spot that began years ago as a dessert shop, but now offers breakfast, lunch & dinner 6 days a week. Cooking in the South is actually her first cookbook, her latest Second Helpings was just released.

Y’all know I like simple recipes with few ingredients and many of hers fit that bill. I can’t wait to try her “Marinated Vidalia Onions.” The more complicated ones (Red Velvet Cake!) don’t scare me away as much as usual because there are so many fabulous photos and easy-to-follow instructions. Give me pretty pictures of food any day of the week! Often I will check cookbooks out of the library for a test run before purchasing, but this one does not disappoint. If you got a bookstore gift card for Christmas and are wondering what to spend it on, look no further! If you got a fabulous book as a holiday present and think we’d all love it too, please share in the comments!