January 19, 2011

Dairy Belle?

I spotted this vintage clock in my grandpa’s collection and just had to photograph it for the blog. Southern Belle Daily Company started in the 1950s in Kentucky and is still going strong (now as part of the Prairie Farms family). The clock, in good working condition, was sort of difficult to photograph, but I just had to try.
I love the image of the belle, executing a perfect curtsy with her coy expression. She kind of reminds me of Belle Watling from (you guessed it!) “Gone with the Wind.” Speaking of my favorite film, did anyone notice that Catherine Zeta-Jones was wearing Scarlett’s curtain dress at the Golden Globes?
czj at gg
I think she looked lovely and of course we’re all so happy her husband’s health has improved. Even the fashionistas at New York Magazine mentioned Scarlett-O in their commentary of the event!
And finally (apologies for such a disjointed post), I added some new designs to the CafePress shop ...including Bayou Belle, Delta Belle & others. Hope everyone likes them!