January 3, 2011

Getting Well Soon

DSC01974 I’ve been a little bit under the weather lately (sniffles & cough…yuck!) and so I turned to my usual bag of trusted tricks to help move things along towards a speedy recovery. I’m certainly not advising anyone to skip the doctor (or acting like I have any kind of medical skills to speak of). I just know what has always made me feel better when I have a cold or cough.

vicksFirst and foremost, I swear by Vick’s VapoRub, although to me it will always be called Vick’s Salve. My me-me has been greasing me down with Vick’s my entire life, whether I needed it or not and though I used to think of it as a hassle to be endured, now I long for its tingly goodness whenever I sniff or cough. I like to put it on my nose and chest and it works wonders for me. I also use it as a lip balm when my lips are really chapped. A few years ago a friend turned me onto Vick’s for a myriad of other purposes, including pimples, sore muscles and possibly nail fungus. Once again, please go to the doctor if you have an ailment, this is just what helps me.  


My other secret weapon against colds and congestion is hot & sour soup. I never try to make my own (who feels like cooking when he’s sick?), but instead keep a Chinese restaurant on speed dial for when I need some. The spicier the better, this stuff tastes delicious even when I don’t have an appetite for anything else. Chicken noodle soup might be your go-to, and that’s fine too. I just prefer something spicy because it seems to help me.


Finally, my best cure for getting better is plenty of rest. I know that sounds totally lame, but it really does make a difference. Resting gives your body time to repair itself without having to exert needed energy. The laundry will wait. I know this is hard for some of us, but give yourself a break.

I hope that all of you lovelies are staying well….Do you have any amazing tricks that you always turn to when you’re feeling under the weather? I know there are plenty out there and I’d love to add a few of yours to my list!