January 26, 2011

Rolling on the River


Ever since I watched Rhett take his new bride Scarlett on a riverboat cruise honeymoon to New Orleans, I’ve wanted to travel the same way. There’s something so magical about the idea of traveling by moonlight on a majestic riverboat. So magical indeed that I would jump out of a semi-moving vehicle to take a picture of one near my very own neighborhood.

Knox RIver Boat

It was back in the fall and the southern beau and I were tooling around. We’d been to Starbucks and were just driving through a nearby neighborhood that borders on the Tennessee river. All of a sudden, I saw the lights from the riverboat and before he could even step on the brake, I was out of the truck running across a field. What I won’t do for a picture, I tell you. I wish I had gotten closer, but you get the idea.

Coincidentally, I had always wanted to travel by train a’ la Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas, but then I actually did it (14 hours with 4 other people in a tiny cabin from Paris to Rome) and that cured me of my need for train travel FOREVER.

Have you ever traveled by riverboat or some other glamorous mode? Fill us in!


  1. I would love to travel by river boat. It just has that southern romantic quality.

  2. Yes!! I have wanted to do both- but really want to go by riverboat. It just looks peaceful.

  3. Yes, sign me up for the Riverboat!!! I traveled up the side of a cliff in Greece via some poor donkey (God Bless 'Em). Not so glamorous but very memorable! :)

  4. The closest I have come to travelling by river boat was a dinner cruise on the General Jackson (Nashville) in celebration of my birthday. My husband and I were dating and I later learned he had my engagement ring in his pocket the whole night and chickened out in asking. It ended up being a lovely evening, even if I did leave empty handed.

  5. I would love to take a ride on a river boat. And I still think I want to take a train ride. One from Memphis to New Orleans.

  6. I would LOVE to ride on a river boat!!

  7. My most memorable train trip occurred in Italy. With one seat left is our compartment, a young man got on and sat next to me. His body order was so bad that my eyes watered! I put my hand over my nose (trying not to be too obvious) and breathed through my mouth. Luckily, he got off on the next stop. The rest of the trip was delightful.


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