January 5, 2011

Color Me Happy

clmag white issue

When I opened my mailbox yesterday to find the latest issue of CL magazine inside, I might have squealed a little. Then I glanced at the cover and sighed. I understand that many (MANY) people celebrate white as a major design element, but I’m just not one of them. Trust me, there are plenty of other great things in this month’s issue but I just don’t enjoy the “simple beauty of white” very much. I see those gorgeous white rooms and appreciate them for what they are, but I don’t want to live in them.


My kitchen is the color of Mexican terracotta tiles and I love it.


My bedroom is currently a Poppy red, but I have redecorating on the brain and am hoping to shift to something a little closer to the one below.

lizzie carney 1

This image (from Country Living!) is so much more me than walls of white. It even incorporates bold color in a way that isn’t garish. Of course there are design principles and experts who might tell you that a certain color combo would never work in your home. Ultimately, you are the one who has to live with it everyday, so shouldn’t we love where we live?

I’ll keep you posted on my renovating adventures…do you have any plans to redecorate in 2011?