April 30, 2010

The meadow ‘s in the bloom

scenic south -- ky derby winner '49

I can’t consider myself a respectable southern blogger if I don’t at least acknowledge the event taking place this weekend…you know the one…with the horses? I’ve never been to a horse race, let alone the Kentucky Derby. I rode horses sometimes when I was younger and I always wanted to wear a black velvet riding hat and feed the horses carrots…even then my two great loves were evident (fashion & food). But since there is much tradition steeped in this race, I wanted to at least mention it and share these neat old photos I found in a little magazine called Scenic South (produced and distributed in the mid-century  by the Standard Oil Co. and graciously shared with me by my sweet uncle)

  scenic south -- derby in progress

Are any of you lovelies attending the Derby? I was trying to find a place in my town that serves Derby Pie, but am not having much luck. I’ll be yard sale-ing it up tomorrow morning with one of my favorite partners in crime, but maybe tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have a chance to make this delicious looking bread pudding, courtesy of the Kitchen Belle over at Kitchen Belleicious. I have lots of mint growing on my little back-porch garden…juleps anyone?