April 8, 2010

I love Paris in the springtime

1_standout-staircases(1){Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard}

There's a certain special something that happens when one makes a grand entrance. Whether it is to some elegant soiree where all eyes in the place turn towards you or just to your own cozy house, where your faithful pup (or sweetie) is waiting to lick you (or ask how your day went). I heard someone quoted as saying that a lady (or gentleman) should always wear a jacket or wrap as to have something to remove upon entering a party.  

104_0390 I've been thinking a lot lately about Paris and one thing that struck me when I was there was how smartly the French dress just to slosh around the city. Whereas we might run out to get coffee and a newspaper in our baggiest sweats and/or pajamas (no judgment!), you'd never see that done a' la Français. I love to walk by the cafes and see all the folks in sharp overcoats, elegant scarves and beautifully tailored clothing enjoying themselves and each other's company.

On my most recent trip to Paris (three years ago), I was walking along the street, going in and out of little shops and just taking in the sights. The sun was shining, but it was raining at the same time. I remember thinking to myself, even the rain in Paris is better! While it never feels fun to slog to the post office or the library on a rainy day at home (the frizz factor, the clumsy factor, the frustration...need I go on?), somehow in Paris, it was simply magical. Maybe I'm bordering on overkill here (sorry!), but it gave me a new perspective.

This week, I arrived home from a wonderful trip to the beach where the skies were sunny and blue and the temperature never got below seventy degrees. What better way to bring myself back to reality but a rainy day slogging to and from work. What would I have worn had I spent this rainy today in Paris? These glorious Hunter boots for one thing. I could keep myself (including my frizz-prone tendrils) dry under the hood of this adorable olive-green slicker. If it were only barely sprinkling, I’d definitely include this pale yellow parasol (y’all knew I was bringing back the parasol, right?). And finally, after a day of errands (and maybe a macaroon or three), I would make my grand entrance for whatever festivities the evening might have in store by pulling off my sensible coat to reveal a less-than-sensible coral frock with just the right amount of flounce. I am picturing it now and somehow this is making this blustery day just  a little bit  more bearable… a paris party

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Where and how do you picture yourself when your current surroundings are less than peachy? Or do you love a rainy day (and night)?