April 9, 2010

Aprons away!

 momma carolyn pre-bumpit do1

{my dad, age 1 with his sweet southern momma in her cutie-pie apron…that hair-do was achieved without the aid of a bump-it…I’m impressed}

I am the proud owner of three very cute aprons. That being said, they were all gifts and I probably wouldn't have bought them for myself otherwise. I was never opposed to wearing an apron while cooking, but it didn't seem like something I thought to be necessary either. I'm not really sure why the apron went out of fashion, but from its heyday in the 1950s and 60s, the frilly, pretty style most typically seen worn by tv housewives, fell  into decline.

creative stuff and random As we are now turning back to handmade things, items of substance that aren't mass produced, the apron has made something of a come-back. I found these adorable options on Amazon (designs by Now Designs, DII, and Jessie Steele), but I know Etsy has a plethora to choose from as well. Some of these are almost too cute to wear because I know I would be spilling and slopping food all over them, but if you are a neater cook than I, they might be perfect. Even if you can't get used to the idea of an apron, it adds a certain cozy warmth to a kitchen just to have one hanging on a hook.

Before I knew what I was missing, I cooked sans-apron, but now that I've had one, I don't think I would go back. It is so easy to run home for lunch and throw it on over my work ensemble while I whip up a little déjeuner. And there’s something about an apron that makes me feel like a ‘real’ cook! Do you have a favorite apron that magically transforms you into Julia Child? Are you anti-apron, but thinking about changing your mind? Please share!


  1. I love love love an apron! I have a couple of my mawmaw's -- some I hang and some I wear. Not sure how I hadn't found you before today, but I'm your newest follower. Have a great weekend!

  2. You know, first you have to cook in order to have a reason to wear an apron. I'm getting there!

    So no, I don't have a favorite apron but I am definitely not anti-apron. I'm somewhere in-between. I always think someone would think I'm cheesy if I wear one - but I have no idea who I think it going to see me in it. But then I ruin some nice shirt with hamburger grease and silently yell at myself for not wearing one!

    For Christmas Ella received an awesome gift. Paula Deen's My First Cookbook and a hand-crafted apron that my Nana made for her... along with a matching apron for Mommy. We haven't used them :( but it is a goal for the summer!

    I still wonder if that cookbook was really for me. Hmmm

  3. love the post- my granny had an apron that read " lead me not into temptation I can find it myself" - It was blue with white trim and I would pay a pretty penny to have the original !!

  4. I love aprons and will always remember both my grandmothers wearing them,,,, i have my great grandmothers apron that she wore everyday like a overdress and she always had a butterscotch in her big pocket.

  5. I have an apron I absolutely love, but I rarely remember to actually wear it. I'm not sure what that's about.. but I do have it proudly hanging in my kitchen :-)

    I wish I had my grandmother's apron that she used to wear. It was ringed with bric-a-brac.

  6. I'm just glad that aprons have staged a come-back...and that cute ones are more readily available now.

  7. I love those aprons! Thanks for posting where to find them.

  8. You just gave me an idea! Maybe I could do an apron swap next!! there are so many cute ones out there! Thanks for joining my ff swap!!!


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