April 26, 2010

A few good sites…

Happy Monday Everyone! Today's post was supposed to be about food, but I got a little sidetracked and thought I would share some of the sites that I've been enjoying.

Old Faves:

OldskoolVegasBed1 Apartment Therapy- Even if you don't live in an apartment, this site is packed to the brim with ideas, tips, products and solutions for all your home design dilemmas. I like to go on here and look at house tours of folks whose homes have approximately the same square footage as mine just to see how they deal with the space (or lack thereof) differently using furniture placement, floor plans, etc.

Better After- This fun blog scans the web for all sorts of furniture and room re-dos. If you have a piece of furniture that needs a lift, I guarantee you will find inspiration on this blog. It reminds me that a coat of paint can make a world of difference, whatever statement you are hoping to make. And most of the re-dos are done by ordinary (i.e. non-professional) people so if they can do it, so can we!

Eating Well- I love this site because it offers a huge range of recipes and meals that work with all sorts of dieting eating methods. If you are looking for low-carb, you can filter the search results that way or if you want something that can be made quickly, that can be a search as well. The images make the food look really pretty and appetizing, but it seems totally user-friendly and easy (even for beginner cooks).

New Finds:

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?- I'm a huge fan of Glee and guidance counselor Emma's style is so uniquely tailored to her character's personality. My bff works for Juicy Couture in LA and he was telling me that many of her fashions come from that brand. Even if you've never seen the show, this blog offers some great fashion ideas and makes seemingly old-fashioned looks fresh and new.

yellow 9 west wedges    6pm- This site is the discount sister to Zappos and when I stumbled across it, I fell in love! There are some great shoes here and for awesome prices. One drawback is that unlike Zappos, there is a shipping charge, but it is a flat rate no matter how many pairs you order. Sizes are a bit more limited, but the selection is still really good. I found the last pair I ordered from 6pm on a competitor's site for about $30 more.

The Inside Source- This site is produced by Ebay and I've really enjoyed reading some of the articles here. Ebay can be sort of a daunting place with so many things to sort through and The Inside Source makes it easier to hone in on what you're looking for. From hot trends to creative gift ideas, interesting interviews to inspiring interiors, this site is definitely one to see.

Do you have any daily reads that you think the world needs to know about? Please share!