April 2, 2010

Hoppy Easter

(sorry for the pun…I just had to say that!)

24853_1285602979052_1199475988_30733832_3863704_n    It seems like most of the people I’ve been talking to are saying how Easter just snuck up on us this year. I suppose I feel the same way. When the spring issues of magazines come out, they are always filled with such adorable images of fun crafts to try and delicious recipes to impress your family with for Easter Sunday dinner. Since I haven’t really done of any of that, I wanted to share this adorable lamb marshmallow creation that my friend Katie made for her daughter. She posted this picture on Facebook and I demanded she share the recipe at once! Apparently, all you do is attach marshmallows to a Milano cookie with melted white chocolate (or that almond bark) and then stick another Milano on for the face. I love how she has them corralled in a grassy enclosure. Her bowl even looks like a little fence! 

Then I was walking (briskly, just not very far) and saw this Easter tree. My grandma used to do this on the weeping willow in her front yard. Not sure who ever thought of eggs on a tree, but the idea caught on. It made me smile so maybe it will make you smile as well.



Finally, I saw this fun line of greeting cards available on Etsy (here) which included this one. Besides that cute bunny, it deals with cupcakes (joy!) so I thought I’d share. {Be warned…some of the cards (i.e. most) are not as G-rated as this one}

 cupcake icing card

Well, that’s all for my Easter round-up. I hope you and your family/friends/peeps have a blessed holiday weekend, remembering that the real reason for Easter has nothing to do with bunnies or chocolate. Do you have any exciting Easter plans or special traditions in your family? Let the sharing now commence.