April 15, 2010

The Dix House, Before & After

Ormond_Beach_Dix_House02My family has vacationed at the same place since before I was born. Ormond Beach, Florida is a lovely little town just north of Daytona where things move at a nice slow pace, the weather is gorgeous and the restaurants serve up food that is to-die-for. Having spent so much time in those parts, I really feel like it is  a home away from home. My mom (should I refer to her as Southern Belle Momma?) and I love to explore all the nooks and crannies of Ormond Beach and a recent trip was no exception.

Ormond_Beach_Dix_House01 We ventured out from the hotel pool deck for the afternoon and stumbled upon the Dix House. Located at 178 N. Beach Street in Ormond Beach, Florida, the house is a sight to behold. It was built in the late 1800s by Colonel Dix (not much info available on this gent) for his two sisters. The house is a stunning two-story with seven bedrooms (each with a private bath) and an elevator.


Maybe I should say it was probably stunning in its heyday, but after over 100 years of wear and tear (and hurricanes!), the lovely house fell into disrepair. While a huge part of me loves the house’s before in a wonderfully eccentric  Grey Gardens way, the house’s happily ever after leaves it in a much more beautiful state. Added to the National Historic Register in 1989, the Dix House has been completely renovated and is now for sale. What a wonderful bed and breakfast it would make! Below is the Dix House as it looks today. My favorite feature is the front porch (top and bottom) and the white trim really pops against the blue of the siding. Everything is freshly painted and neatly manicured. It doesn’t hurt that sun is sort of casting a spotlight on the house in this photo.

{the Dix House}DSC00568

{A detached garage/guest house in the back of the main residence}DSC00569

{the front door}


{Southern Belle Momma on the porch swing}DSC00571

{glorious oak trees dripping with Spanish moss in the front yard and view of the inter-coastal waterway}


It seems like many people don’t think of Florida as truly being ‘the south.’ Maybe this is because so many folks from other places end up living there. The Dix House reminds me that Florida has a rich heritage as a southern state and I hope that if you spend any time there, please take a moment to venture off the beaten path. And if any of you are interested in purchasing the Dix House, I would be oh so happy to occupy one of those seven bedrooms for ya! It’s the least I can do.