March 5, 2010

Vogue + curves

vogue curvy yellow dress
Italian Vogue has launched a new website called Vogue Curvy (in my opinion it should be called Vogue Normal, because the women represented look like normal women! yay!). But, I’m so glad that such a fashion industry leader is making a move in the right direction. Leave it to the Italians who are known for loving real women and all their varied body types. In the modeling world, there are ‘straight’ (read super skinny) models and ‘plus-size’ (read not super skinny, average, normal sized).

Vogue Curvy offers all sorts of cool stuff like fashion info, interviews, beautiful photos and how-tos. It also features designers who celebrate real women and make clothes for all different shapes and sizes. I’m loving this yellow dress for spring (even though some  most of the spring trends I’ve seen scare me!…more on that later) The “It” curvy model of the moment is Crystal Renn, whose career began when a modeling agent pinched her belly and instructed her to lose some weight. While she succeeded in losing pound after pound, she gained an eating disorder and a compulsive exercise addiction. Ultimately, she made the decision to leave the dark side of  ‘straight’ modeling and join the ‘plus-size’ (oh that dreaded term!) side of things.

Now, she has achieved more success in the fashion industry as a size 12 than she ever did while trying to starve herself. Some will recognize her from Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring runway a few years ago where she donned a gorgeous tight-fitting dress covered in hand-stitched flowers. Her book Hungry is such a enjoyable read, I highly recommend it. She is so frank and open, and a southern girl to boot! Aside from her fabulous curves, her eyebrows are also kind of a signature feature. Since I tend to be ‘brow-obsessed’ I can appreciate that too!