March 22, 2010

My sweet of choice…

I guess the secret is out....I love cupcakes. How it happened is something of a mystery, but happen it did. I'm not just talking about my love of single-serving cake, but the awareness of this love, which has spread among my friends and loved ones. Now everybody knows that I think about cupcakes pretty much on a daily basis. I didn't say I eat them on a daily basis (I want to, but as my blue friend says: they are a sometimes food!).
Cuppie drinking diet coke
Since the humble cupcake has become kind of a big deal, I have found it is now possible to enjoy this little treat in lots of other ways, besides the obvious of eating one.  First, I must give credit to the oh-so talented Cakespy whose whimsical artwork features “Cuppie,” a little cupcake who has all sorts of adventures. Here he is enjoying a diet coke break, but you can also find him running from zombies, chilling with unicorns and eating bacon. All original artwork, prints and other fun products can be purchased on the Cakespy blog
keep calm bookmark_
Also this adorable bookmark (currently sold out on Amazon, but my friend snagged me one here). I had already embraced the calming mantra (a different take on this), but putting it on a bookmark is genius!  What a cute way to hold your spot in a good book. Definitely better than the bank deposit slip or grocery store receipt that can be found in most of my current reads. its raining cupcakes
Speaking of books, I can’t wait to read It’s Raining Cupcakes. The cover art alone drew me in before I even knew what the book was about! {It sounds like a fun little story for ‘tweens’ but I’ll probably read it anyway}  I can also get my cupcake fix by flipping through a good cookbook and taking in all the lovely images. I have both of these and they are stuffed to the brim with inspiration and great ideas for treats to attempt.
martha stewarts cupcakescupcake heaven
I have to admit that until now, I’ve been less likely to bake cupcakes than to buy them, but with such great tools at my disposal, I really have no excuse! So thanks to all of you who have embraced me and my love of cupcakes. And a very special thanks to anyone who has baked, bought or stolen cupcakes for me! Your efforts are most appreciated. Now tell me, what is the next big trend in dessert treats? Is the lowly petit four going to be the thing for spring? Are no-bake cookies going to take the country by storm? Do you have a favorite treat that is often overlooked and overshadowed by the glory of the cupcake? Please share!