March 10, 2010

Urn a’ la Eddie

 aqua jasperware Wedgwood is a classic name in the  world of pottery. Most people are familiar with the brand’s popular Jasperware, unglazed stoneware which is recognizable in blue decorated with white relief designs. But the first ornamental ware introduced by blck basalt urnsWedgwood was Black Basalt in 1768. These ceramic pieces, in flat black, were a more refined version of Egyptian black pottery. The two little lovelies at left sold at Christie’s for around five thousand buckaroos (more cupcakes than I’d like to count for even the cutest of vases). I never cared much for the blue Jasperware pieces, but the black Basalt ones are right up my alley. Let me clarify, my alley of style…not my alley of budget.

Then I saw this wonderful arrangement of objects by Eddie Ross and loved how those black urns really anchored the whole thing. eddie'sblackwedgwood

Knowing Eddie (well not actually knowing him, but his work) and his great ability to mix high and low, cheap and expensive, I had a pretty good idea what was going on here. I was right! He totally spray painted those to look like Wedgwood Black Basalt! Read more about it here. I filed this project away and have been scouring the aisles of thrift stores ever since….until now. I found urn cropthis little guy at my local AmVets thrift store for cheap! Originally it was kind of a terra cotta color (sorry there isn’t a before shot). I’m a believer that anything can be spray painted, so since the shape was good, I snatched it up. I’m thinking now that it might need another coat, but it could just be the glare from the flash. I mean obviously NOBODY is going to mistake



                       for this

                                (an actual Wedgwood Black ware piece) 

Picture 29150









But I’m pretty happy with my little find. I love being able to take something that has been cast aside and give it new life. And maybe one day I’ll have a real Wedgwood piece to add to my collection, but it must be able to play nice with its spray painted friend.


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