March 4, 2010

In Loving Memory

miss katherine brown dressed upMiss Katherine Watson (Brown), a true southern belle

There is a lady whom I feel honored to have known. I specifically use the word lady to describe her because she is the embodiment of a lady through and through. Raised in a much simpler time, Ms. Katherine Watson Brown was the only child of Eddie (Jelly) Watson, a local sports legend and Mary Ellen Watson, a talented artist.  I knew Miss Katherine as the beloved mother and grandmother of some dear friends. What always struck me about her was her strength, how she exuded grace in every situation. When I think of her, words like dignity and integrity come to mind, qualities which she instilled in her sons and grandchildren. In my opinion, she gives much meaning to the term steel magnolia. Her life touched the lives of so many people, myself included and I just wanted to take this opportunity to honor her. As I look at these photographs (including her elegant garden wedding), I am taken back to a different time. A time of gentlemen and ladies, of elegance and gentility. I’m so glad we have people like Miss Katherine to look up to. And even though I know she will be missed for a very long time, her legacy will continue forever in the ones she knew and loved.  miss katherine wedding party