March 24, 2010

Herbs the word


My local produce market had flats of herbs last week and I couldn't pass up bringing a few (several) home. I was in a birthday induced frenzy that caused me to believe life should cater to my every whim, and if it was herbs I wanted, then herbs I would have. Whew, thank goodness that's over. Anyway, I was afraid I might have jumped the gun on spring because then the temperature dropped into the 30s and I feared my little herb babies might not fare too well. I sequestered them in the house for a couple of days until I knew it would be safe and then pushed them from the nest. They are now residing happily on my tiny patio in an assortment of pots and containers.

{greek oregano}    

Since childhood, I have been a huge fan of all sorts of random tiny objects...miniature animals from gumball machines, little paperweights, small carved ornaments, what-have-you. Maybe I plan on churning out a bunch of dioramas one day that wouldn't be complete without the requisite bejeweled turtle paperweight or penny-sized ceramic chicken. Maybe I'm a pack-rat (its true). Whatever. So I decided to give my little things new homes with the plants. It adds a certain whimsy to the containers and I mean, really, what other tiny plastic hippopotamus gets to bask in the shadow of lemon thyme?


{lemon thyme}

Do you have herbs living at your house or in your garden? Which ones are your favorites and how do you plan to use them?