March 23, 2010

I’m all earrings

 When I was six or seven years old,  my mom and aunt convinced me to get my ears pierced by bribing me with a trip to the Hello Kitty store afterwards. Or at least that is how I remember things. gt-blue-bolt-earrings-gold-300The piercing wasn't so bad...nothing a little Spottie Dottie and Keroppi couldn't fix. I was probably too young at that point to take good care of my ears and I ended up letting them grow back. Eventually I summoned the courage to get them re-pierced when I was about 11 or so. Since then, I have amassed quite a hefty stash of earrings. From those sparkly tween jewelry stores in malls (which I totally love) and yard sale finds to earrings I have been gifted or those handed down, I have a very nice collection. That isn't to say that I won't always welcome more and probably can't pass up a great clearance rack, but anyway.

When you have multiples of a certain thing, storage can become an issue. I used to keep all my jewelry in a little plastic tackle box with individual compartments. But I found that it was hard to see it all and when you can't see what you've got, you probably won't remember to wear it. I saw this cute idea in Real Simple magazine and have been saving the page for awhile now, but only recently scored a bundle of wooden picture frames for less than a dollar at a rummage sale. One of the frames was the right size so I decided to attempt this crafty little project. frame-jewelry_300All you need is a wooden frame (or at least one with a wooden underside so the little screws can be installed) and a picture frame hanging kit. Every picture frame kit I've ever seen has the wire and eye screws. I hate dealing with numbers, but I broke down and used a ruler to determine where the screws would go so at least the wires wouldn't be all slanting down on side. I estimated the length of my longest earrings and left room for three rows of that size, then one extra row of shorties at the bottom. Obviously this type of earring frame hanging thing wouldn't work for earrings that are on straight posts. But I was thinking it could be altered and instead of wires, use wide ribbon. Then the posts could go thru the ribbon with the backs on the other side. Another variation that might look interesting is to use a really tall narrow frame. It might be time consuming putting it all together, but once all the earrings are hanging there, it is sort of like a piece of art. DSC00430All I know is that it corrals my earrings and displays them in a way that I can easily glance over and decide which ones to wear without having to dig through a bunch of little boxes or compartments. Cost = practically free; Difficulty = a cinch;       Other = very little math involved (yay!).