March 16, 2010

The Great Switch-a-Roo

There are certain elements in one's home that often get overlooked. Except apparently not because for some people, these tiny things receive much special attention. Everything is relative. If I lived in a smallish one bedroom condo (oh wait, I do), I probably wouldn't have a sub-zero fridge and custom cabinets in my kitchen (which I don't). If I lived in a huge loft with 18ft ceilings, exposed brick, wide plank hardwood floors and thick blog picscrown molding (dreamy), I'd probably care more about how my appliances looked or the fact that my toilet has no tank lid (another story for another time). But I can't imagine caring too terribly much how my electric switch plate outlet covers look. Well, that isn't exactly true. I care how they look, I just don't care $57 worth. That's how much some of these pretty hammered metal ones cost.

You may think I taxed my brain by counting the number of switch plates in my house and multiplying that by the cost of one hammered metal one. Except that would be something like $570 (you know there’s at least ten). $57 was for one switch plate cover! One. Granted that one was at the high end of the spectrum, but the low end was between $10 and $20 ($20 for one switch plate cover?). Needless to say I opted not to go that route. 

Having heard good things about Rustoleum spray paint (she says it is her best friend!), I thought why notUN_HammeredBrown_SP_L make my own? I decided to give it a try and I'm pretty happy with the finished product. The hardest part was taking all the switch plates off and putting them back on (not very hard). It only took a few minutes for a couple coats of paint and it  covered both plastic and metal switch plates really well (I just used the ones I already had which were plain white).  I even spray painted the screws! Now, I'm not dogging anyone who happens to have those fancy hammered metal ones. This is simply another means to a similar end. I would have done this a long time ago had I known what an improvement it would be.   


{If you’re in the market for the fancy metal ones, check out Switchhits (funny name) for TONS of options!}