September 6, 2012

Blooms on a Budget

I'm joining my friends this morning on Knoxville's Fox 43 for a segment about blooms, more specifically blooms on a budget (You can view the segment at the bottom of this post or check out others). There's nothing better than having fresh flowers around the house, but when budgets are tight, this luxury often gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list. I wanted to share some ways that you can still enjoy beautiful flowers without breaking the bank.

1. Give Fillers a Chance - Gypsophila or baby's breath, as it is commonly known, has long been considered a filler flower. A few sprigs of it are usually tucked in around roses as an accent and it can look old-fashioned and outdated. But a large, full container of Gyp by itself has a lovely simplicity, especially when paired with a industrial container for that rustic chic look. I purchased a couple bunches of Gypsophila for $4 each and re-purposed a metal container I already had. Total cost for this arrangement: $8

2. Choose Unexpected Colors - When we think roses, red or pink is usually what comes to mind but there are so many other color options as well as varieties to choose from. These orange spray roses were $6.99 at my local grocery store and I arranged them in a pitcher I picked up for around $10. I love to present something like this to a friend because the flowers are a sweet treat but the pitcher also becomes part of the gift.

3. Get Creative with Containers - There's no rule that says flowers must be displayed in a vase, especially those blah, plain vases that often come from florists. I like to use all sorts of containers for my flowers, from antique jars (like the blue Mason jars shown here) to vintage tins and canisters or even pitchers and bowls. I created a tulip arrangement in a trifle bowl once and was quite pleased with how it turned out. You don't have to spend a lot of money on containers...pop into your neighborhood thrift store and see what inspires you. I bet you'll find something that fits your style in no time!

4. Small Groups, Big Statement - Instead of creating one large arrangement, you can also make several small ones and group them together for visual impact. I collect Ironstone so I pulled a few pieces from my collection and used them to hold these pink carnations. The whole bunch of carnations was just $3.99 at the grocery store and by cutting them short, they make a sweet centerpiece that won't obstruct your view. You could also put one of these beside each plate and let your guest take them home at the end of the evening.

5. Go Green - Maybe flowers aren't your thing or you want more of a long-term investment.  Treat yourself with a little arrangement of green by having some cute plants around the house. The plants I found were $1 each and I re-potted them into some fun containers I already had lying around. These would make a wonderful housewarming gift or a little something to show a friend you were thinking of her/him. {image via}

I hope some of these options serve as a reminder that you don't have to spend a lot of money to add a little beauty to your's all about how we look at things!

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