September 25, 2012

Old Times There, with Garden & Gun and The Old Try

I saw the above framed print at an antique shop recently and snapped a picture planning to share it on the blog. Then this morning, my friend shared the wonderful print project (below) from Garden & Gun and southern print shop The Old Try. I thought it fitting to post it today. You can order your own limited-edition hand-pressed Dixie print here.

I think William Faulkner, whose 115th birthday would have been today, would like it.


  1. That is such a cute song! I loved to play it on the piano when I was a little girl...event though I grew up in the north. :)

  2. That song, for some reason, always makes me feel a little sad. So trying to catch up with all my favorite bloggers. Life is definitely stuck in the crazy lane right now.


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