September 5, 2012

How to Be Southern: Wearing White After Labor Day

I was recently asked by a friend on Facebook to share my opinion about wearing white after Labor Day. I’m not a fan. In fact, I saw a young woman at the grocery store today wearing a white eyelet sundress and something was just not quite right about it. I know that summer officially goes thru September 21, but for some reason, Labor Day weekend signifies the end of summer in my mind.

If you really want to wear white sundresses, sandals or linen slacks after Labor Day, I can’t stop you.  I won’t even judge you. But as for me and my closet, summer will now cease to exist until Memorial Day of 2013. It’s not that we can’t wear any white during the cooler months…I mean, this conundrum is the reason “winter white” was invented.

My no-white rule mainly applies to shoes. I will wear white clothing throughout the year, but I try to pay attention to the weight of the fabric. Seersucker and linen just don’t work for a Tennessee winter. If I lived in Florida, I might feel totally different.

Are you a staunch follower of the no-white rule or do you pretty much wear whatever you darn well please? There’s no wrong answer friends…just different ideas and opinions. I love that we can share our ideas while loving & supporting each other! Happy Wednesday!