September 4, 2012

The Possible Impossible Dreams

Lately, I've been thinking quite a bit about dreams. Not the ones we have at night while we’re asleep, but the ones that reside in our hearts…the ones we ponder while we’re awake. Maybe it’s because any time a person has an abrupt, unexpected life event (such as getting fired), he revisits the life plan he was following and wonders if something else is possible.

Think back to when you were very young. Do you remember a time when you believed anything was possible? It seems like we start out believing this, but little by little, our decisions and life experiences narrow our options until we are left with fewer and fewer possible dream scenarios to pursue. I call foul on this.

Who is to say that we can’t keep believing anything is possible? Why are we so hell bent on casting our dreams aside because they aren’t ‘realistic?’ Friends: the very nature of a dream is that it’s not realistic. That’s why it’s a dream! I think it’s time we embraced our impossible dreams and let grace take care of the rest. Dig down deep in your heart. What dream lives in there? Maybe it’s just tiny…maybe it’s a shred of a thing because it hasn’t seen the light of day in years. Maybe you’ve never even spoken it out loud.

Today is your day. I believe that the purest, truest dream of your heart was put there by someone who carefully and wonderfully made you. And the same way that dream was imagined in you, it was also given possibility. I don’t believe you have to see a way for this dream to come true. Just let it come alive in your heart. I think that’s all it takes. I am experiencing this myself. You will shine. You will start believing that anything is possible. Anything will be possible. You will begin to see your amazing self for who you were made to be. You will begin loving others for who they were made to be. You will realize that your options are limitless.