December 23, 2010

We’re all nuts!


As I started gathering recipes for all the holiday dishes that I wanted to make this year, I noticed a slight trend. Everything I plan to make has a common ingredient. Not butter (although most everything has that too)…Pecans!

So far, my list includes:

Spiced Pecans

Baked Brie w/ Pecans, Jalapeños & Mayhaw Jelly

Church Window Cookies (recipe calls for chopped pecans)

Graham Crackers w/sugared pecans

My non-pecan items are Butter mints, Orange Jell-O Salad & Egg Pie. By the way, all of these items won’t be eaten at the same time…We’re having a Christmas Eve Pizza/Finger Food free-for-all, a Christmas mid-morning breakfast and then a later in the day lunch. Those lovely pecans up there were gifted to me last year by a sweet lady who had a tree in her yard…but I’m not a champion nutcracker so I opted for shelled this year. Speaking of Champion Nutcrackers…check out this video of my Pe-pa cracking hickory nuts on a huge rock at my family’s farm. Love him!

Why I keep saying “uh-oh” is still a mystery!

If you’ve never tasted hickory nut pie, you’re missing out big time! In my family, we think hickory nuts are way better than pecans, but they’re sort of hard to come by. And even if you have a tree, it takes a long time to crack enough to do anything with on a large scale.

Are you finding any common themes among your holiday recipes? Or are you finding yourself feeling a little bit nutty? Try not to stress…these next couple of days are going to fly by and if you’re stressed, you won’t enjoy them nearly as much!


  1. Well, I just love your Pe-pa, makes me miss having my Pa around. And the "uh-ohs" were too cute. I'll admit I kept waiting for one more at the end. lol

    Speaking of hickory nuts, we cracked open a few on a walk through our woods one day in the fall. I remember thinking at the time, though, that if I had to survive on them I would probably starve because it took so long to get a decent amount to eat.

    Merry Pre-Christmas, Kate!

  2. I used to get bags of pecans from my BIL's yard, but they've moved! My next door neighbor supplies them, now, although they're the kind that came from fundraisers.
    Pecans are a MUST for the holidays, aren't they?

  3. Cute post! I love nutty recipes. Will have to try hickory nuts!


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