December 14, 2010

Vintage Holiday E-Cards


Vintage Christmas cards are so sweet and I’m a real sucker for their simple designs. Here are a few that I found online and then added text to them using Picnik (so easy!). Are you sending out cards this year? I have a whole stack ready to be stamped and mailed.

Red Card, White Door Christmas Card-1

What about all your web friends that you communicate with via email? I think a pretty image like one of these would make a lovely e-card. I have made some wonderful friends in blogland, but I don’t have their home addresses. I’d still like to drop them a note of Christmas cheer. A cute holiday e-card might be just the thing!


The best thing about these web images is that you can customize them however you see fit. They are so old, there isn’t really an issue of copyright anymore. Even though I consider myself a failed graphic designer, I love finding just the right text and fonts to use with images I have collected. I’m going to try to do something with these…who knows, you might just find one in your inbox!

Vintage Christmas Card Pink Angel-1

We got lots of snow in East Tennessee yesterday and it’s colder than a witch’s teat in these parts…are you staying warm where you are?


  1. These are so cute! Love the first one especially! :)

  2. I always send out cards during Christmas. Such a nice way to catch up with friends who are far away...and some that are near! I also send some e-cards and I love using the vintage images.

  3. I love the vintage cards! very sweet and a great idea. There are people I really chat with online, but am not comfortable with sharing home addresses. Safety and all.

  4. These are so pretty and bring back memories (I hate to admit that with the implication of age and all..).

    Yep it's cold out here too! Had to go help Tall guy track down one sick calf to give her some shots. It was comedy of errors, but we caught her and helped her out as best we could. Stay tuned for a HUGE fashion faux pas tomorrow! Think wearing my 6'3" FIL's VERY handmedown ocveralls! Too funny!

  5. I have a darling figurine much like the snow folks in the first picture. I love the sweet curve of the cheeks! I still put it out every year.

    Hope you're enjoying the season.

  6. Love the old scenes ~ they never go out of style. I'm SO behind this season. I'm thinking I might start a new trend ~ New Years cards {and they will still be sent out late}


  7. I remember these so well from my childhood. Ahh the memories...


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