December 17, 2010

The Only Christmas for Me

I’m such a sap, but this song gets me every time. Maybe it’s because my sweet home state of Tennessee doesn’t have too many songs that celebrate all it has to offer. Although “The Tennessee Waltz” puts a tear in my eye as well. When I was in the 5th grade, our class put on a Christmas program for the parents and part of it involved dancing to this song…boy/girl, each couple nervous and awkward making a circle around the gym. I guess every time I hear the song, I think about my eleven year old self, awesomely clueless as to what life had in store. And really, I still don’t know what to expect half the time…so not much has changed. But I hope I’m a bit less awkward.

I can’t believe we are just a week away from Christmas. Let’s make this next week last as long as possible by slowing down and really enjoying all the little things. The Happiest of Fridays to YOU!