December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas 2010!

oprylandhotel xmas ornament ayla

“Time makes no difference. Whatever the century, wherever the place, Christmas is the Day of Days, the day of the heart's content, of gracious deed and deepest gratitude, when thoughts turn to the near and dear, to those who may be coming home, to celebrate at home the birth of Him Who has given to all of us all we are and may ever hope to be. Dear Christmas! Sweet Christmas! Happy Christmas! No day that man has known since the beginning of the Beginning can mean so much to man. Let us be together. Let us be good together. Let us be gentle together. Le us come home, if we can. Let us have joy this day. Let us have reverence. Let us never, never, never forget the significance of Christmas. For His sake, let us love one another. Dear Christmas. Sweet Christmas. Happy Christmas.”

{image courtesy Ayla Whittaker, text via McCall’s Dec. 1961}