December 8, 2010

I Heart Art: Lesley Eaton

violin peppered paper 

Since I can often get lost in the world of Etsy, I decided to attend a local holiday crafters market this weekend and look at some handmade goods up close and personal. One of my favorite booths was that of Peppered Paper Designs. The talented artist and illustrator behind the work is Lesley Eaton, and I wish I had gotten to meet her. Her painted paper collages are even more gorgeous in person, and some prints of them can be purchased on her site. The violin one would be a neat gift for the budding musician in your life.

sweet pea peppered paper

There are several kitchen-themed works too….although I think this one would be a great gift for anybody in your life that you share the term of endearment with.

house portrait

Lesley will even do a custom collage of your house from a photograph…I love this so much! Putting a little extra thought into our gift giving goes such a long way, don’t you think?

In other news, a dear sweet southern lady (Hi Carol!) gave me an award…she always has something positive to say and her blog brings a smile to my face every time I visit. There’s so much great holiday stuff going on in blogland right now, I’m going to hold off on passing the award along, but I will give it out a bit later.

stylish_blogger_award{Thanks Carol for thinking of me}

Hope everybody is staying warm on this chilly Wednesday!