December 9, 2010

Homemade Holiday


At some point, every child has come home from school with a handmade Christmas tree ornament. At the time, they seem like the most beautiful things imaginable, and even though they don’t hold much worldly value, they are priceless to me. It makes me wish I had created more of these baubles as a child so that I’d have more to reminisce about. Some of these photos are of ornaments my brother made when he was little and some are mine. They might not look like anything to anybody else, but they are probably one of the first things I’d grab in a fire. We even have a little strip of garland (below) that my Pe-Pa made when he was 5 years old…and he’s 73 now.


Carefully strung on a piece of yarn, these red and green construction paper shapes have really stood the test of time. I’m not sure how it came to be in our possession, but I treasure it.

069         077

My brother made both of these cross ornaments in pre-school (macaroni is such a versatile tool)

070             072

My silly plastic spoon people ornaments (Fred & Ginger on the left and a 1920s flapper on the right) … I should probably admit that I made these as a teenager, don’t laugh!


This little painted ornament serves as proof that I identified myself as Katie at least once in my life (this is my handwriting after all), but I swear I never wanted to be called anything but Kate. Maybe I was just having a small identity crisis one Christmas?


Bubbie’s glitter angel usually tops our tree. I just love how it catches the light. Hallmark is stocked with lovely things, but give me this sweet handmade look any day!


Finally, this ornament belonged to my paternal great-grandmother. We always said it was filled with angel hair…kind of a silky white material inside a silver plastic ball. I love putting up the tree and looking over each of these special ornaments as we hang them on a branch. What wonderful (either homespun or delicately designed) ornaments are you enjoying this season?