August 19, 2012

You are loved


My sweet southern momma is a 4th grade teacher and last week, I was able to pay a visit to her school and enjoy a lunch of cafeteria food with her (It was tasty, but no Russian Tea Room).

Before lunch, I arrived to find her on the playground, where the students in her class were having a grand ol’ time running around, chasing each other, and doing whatever else 4th graders do.

As I watched those little kiddos, I got a glimpse of what it must feel like to God to watch his children playing at life. We think we’re all so grown up, but each of us is just a precious child in our Daddy’s sight. All with different stories to tell. All with our various experiences, many that involve hurts and heartaches.

As I looked around at those small guys and gals, I had a thought.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Is. Loved. I don’t just mean loved as in, “oh yes, love…what a nice sentiment.” I’m talking about can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, can’t-live-without-you, life-changing love. We aren’t able to completely comprehend it because our love capacities are crammed into these little bodies we live in.

love scrabble tiles

God’s love for you? Infinite. It stretches beyond the heavens. It reaches down into the deepest depths. There is nowhere you can go that it won’t be. There is nothing you can do that will stop it or decrease it or cause it to pass you by.  In fact, there’s nothing you have to do to get it in the first place. But you can choose to receive it. You can let it wash over you, let it permeate your thoughts, let it be the biggest elephant in the room.

If you’re reading this thinking “she can’t be talking about me,” I want you to know that YES, I’m most definitely talking about you. If you’ve never experienced this love before, there’s a first time for everything my friend. I hope that you can begin to feel it starting right now.

I hope you feel how much you are loved and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

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