August 12, 2012

You, Beautiful You


Have you ever imagined something that you were looking forward to, such as an upcoming trip or event? Chances are you imagined it in the most positive, wonderful way. I’ve sat and daydreamed about possible travel scenarios (and even impossible ones!) and for each one, I think of how relaxing it will be or how exciting…of how much joy it will bring me and what special memories will be created in the process.

Our imaginations are a powerful thing because the ideas and dreams they produce are coming from our deepest hopes and wishes. If our imaginations are this vivid, just think how much more (infinitely more!) vivid is God’s imagination.

rose pic

I’ve always believed that God made us. We learn this as children. That he made our bodies, inside and out. More recently, I’m learning that He imagined us as well. Every wonderful quality, every talent, every gift and nuance…is a product of His divine imagination. He imagined a very specific combination of qualities for each one of us. We are all so very much the same because we are all His creations, but we are also so different because each of us is an expression of His creativity.

I think so many people struggle with feeling alone in this world. Like nobody understands them or sees them and that they don’t bring anything special to the table. I wish every person could know and truly understand that he or she is an incredible creation, the handiwork of the same God who spoke the world into being. I think it would definitely change how we feel about ourselves on the deepest possible level.
Today and always, I hope you feel like the incredible treasure that you are! Happy Sunday friends.