September 30, 2011

Friday Flashback: Hoskins Drug Store


One of my favorite spots to visit when I have a little time and want to get away for the day is nearby Clinton, Tennessee. I’ve already shared some of our previous adventures there.

hoskins drug

Our most recent trip was this past weekend and we ended up eating at the lunch counter inside the quaint Hoskins Drug Store. This image was taken at Hoskins in 1947 and it still looks very much the same today. I ordered a pimento cheese sandwich and it was oh so yum!


Now I’m kicking myself for not having soup…if only to see this soup-o-matic contraption put to use. Wonder how much the price has gone up from 15 cents.


Yes, I know another picture of my sandwich probably isn’t necessary, but it may have been one of the best pimento cheeses I’ve ever had.

My hometown is seriously lacking a spot like Hoskins, but I’m glad there are still a few holdouts scattered around the area where foodies and nostalgia-types like me can enjoy the view. Do you have a spot like this in your town?