September 16, 2011

Stage & Screen, #GWTW75 via @clarencebrown

moonlight and magnolias program

This week has definitely been a busy one, but Wednesday the southern beau and I managed to make it to the theatre, which for me is a rare treat. The show we saw, Moonlight and Magnolias, was delightful and I encourage anyone, especially fans of “Gone with the Wind” to see it if you have a chance.

The play tells the true story of the 5 chaotic days in which David O. Selznick, Victor Fleming, and Ben Hecht (producer, director and writer, respectively) turn Margaret Mitchell’s classic book into a screenplay fit for film.

moonlight and magnolias2

The catch is that Ben Hecht, the so-called writer, hasn’t read the book. The only logical solution is for Selznick and Fleming to act it out for him, chapter by chapter as Hecht types furiously to capture the action. At one point, the actor playing Fleming simultaneously portrays Melanie giving birth AND Prissy coming back without Dr. Meade, high-pitched southern accents and all. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

moonlight and magnolias

We even got discounted tickets by volunteering to usher. If going to the theatre isn’t in your budget right now, I definitely advise checking on opportunities such as this (as well as free final dress rehearsals and discounted previews) that your local theatre might offer.

Have you seen Moonlight & Magnolias? I’d love to know what you thought! If not, what was the last stage production you saw and how’d you like it?

{program & production still via Clarence Brown Theatre}