September 6, 2011

Anti-Recipe: Tomato Tart


I made this yummy tomato tart over the weekend and it was so easy I thought I’d share. As my first foray into the world of puff pastry, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but following the directions on the box worked out just fine. The recipe is from my friend Nealey (of Dixie Caviar & the Kitchn) if you want the specifics.


Basically just mix some mayo with shredded cheeses, spread it over the defrosted puff pastry and then top with thin tomato slices before baking. My variations include using just mozzarella cheese and substituting plain Greek yogurt for the mayo the original recipe calls for. This dish was best when piping hot from the oven, but reheated okay. Just be sure and drain the tomatoes first or things will get pretty juicy.

I’ve got another sheet of puff pastry I’m going to attempt a mushroom and onion tart with, so we’ll see how that goes. Happy Tuesday friends! Hope everyone had a restful Labor Day!