September 12, 2011

Shopping at Thorn & Thistle


This weekend I visited the newly opened Turkey Creek Public Market, a huge indoor flea market-ish shopping destination in Knoxville, Tennessee. As with anything where there are many different booths, only some of them really caught my eye. My favorite vendor shop was ‘Thorn & Thistle’ where the delightful BB was selling her wares.


From the first glimpse of this fabulous booth, I knew it wasn’t like the others. First of all, it contained items that appeared very thoughtfully chosen. Also, it was curated in a way that really showcased everything.


I knew I’d like it there when I mentioned I was a collector of ironstone and BB rounded up several pieces for me to look at.


She said her dream was to have a store with beautiful items in a price range she and her friends could afford. Done and done! I got 2 small ironstone pieces (a creamer and a fruit bowl) for less than $20!


I could have spent all day looking at every item, but it was almost closing time so we moved along. I will definitely be returning to the Thorn and Thistle booth as the inventory is always changing, so you just never know what you’ll happen upon.


By the way, here’s a creamer just like the one I got (for $8!). My collection is growing, Lord help us.

ironstone creamer

Have you been to the Public Market and if so, what did you think?