August 8, 2011

Were vs Are


I saw this book at Borders over the weekend and skimmed through it while waiting on my sister. I didn’t buy it, but I think I will end up ordering it because it had some great stuff inside. I try to keep SBS fun and since diets are not typically fun, they aren’t really a topic I discuss on here.

This post isn’t exactly about diets though…it’s more about the idea of who we are now vs. who we were as teenagers. The fittest I’ve ever been in my life was in high school when I was playing soccer, but even then I had a distorted sense of my body (i.e. I thought I was huge). Only now am I beginning to learn about what it means for my body to be healthy and what it takes to achieve that health.

While flipping through this book, I kept wishing I could give it to my teenage self. It’s not a fad diet, just basic smart ideas about healthy eating and being active. Even though I can’t change my teenage self, I’m hoping my 29-year old self will make her proud!

Is there something you keep wishing you could share with your previous self? I think I’ve decided it’s never too late. Happy Monday friends!