August 19, 2011

le fete de l’imagination: Amy Adams

amy adams

I’m a big fan of Amy Adams and since tomorrow is her birthday, I thought we’d end the work-week with a little virtual soiree celebrating her! You might think of her as the girl from Enchanted or Julie&Julia, but my favorite Amy Adams film is distinctly southern, hence featuring her here on the blog.

junebug poster

If you haven’t seen Junebug, you definitely should…although be warned it isn’t a romantic comedy. It tells the story of a regular family facing the ups and downs of life in North Carolina and how they react when their son returns home from New York with his posh new wife. When I first saw this sad, beautiful movie, I was so mesmerized by Adams’ character in it. I thought she was surely from the south with how she captured the accent and everything.

amyadams at junebug

For her party, I think we’ll enjoy the season’s tomato bounty with a yummy tomato tart, recipe & image via the fabulous Ezra Poundcake!

We can wash it down with this delicious peach tea (recipe here) and just enjoy each other’s company!

And as a whimsical treat, I think Amy will love this little June bug ring (which is actually sold out on Etsy…but this is only an imaginary party).

junebug ring

I hope you’ll join us in the festivities! And I hope your real-life weekend festivities hold even more fun! Happy Friday friends!